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Naqaa is one of the first social enterprises in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since we first opened our doors in 2011, we have launched several innovative green initiatives that target environmental awareness in the community, build sustainable waste management programs for businesses, and have introduced the highest quality recycling products to the Kingdom.


we aspire to influence policy and create green standards of excellence through our work that will build stronger, healthier, and responsible communities.

our qualified staff are internationally certified to support our clients in reaching their environmental sustainability goals. 





Our name is derived from the Arabic word Naqaa, which means "PURITY”- we value the universal right of strong, healthy communities with honest and fair approaches to sustainable development

Why choose us?
As a social enterprise, our passion for a sustainable environment means that we pay attention to every detail of our work. Our client network has grown extensively just by word of mouth, and it is through our solid reputation and commitment to customer service excellence that we have been fortunate to expand to serve some of the largest international companies across the Kingdom.